I’m Aly…Welcome to my blog! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband of 17 years and our 3 kids.  I am an avid home cook, food and wine enthusiast and I love to cook and entertain for our family and friends!  When I say that my culinary point of view is elegant, I don’t mean fancy in an unattainable way.  To me, elegant eats are everyday recipes, elevated with a few other ingredients or techniques to make them stand out from the ordinary.  My food is fresh, homemade, sometimes healthy (sometimes not) and has a rustic flair.  It’s comfort food with a California edge.  I’m an organized home cook, ingredients are always prepped before I start and you won’t see a pile of dirty dishes in my sink, cleaning as I go helps me keep my sanity.  I’m also a big fan of doing as much prep ahead of time as possible, or choosing recipes that you can start earlier in the day, but then free yourself up, whether it be to help kids with homework or sit and chat with guests.

My dad was my cooking inspiration…he’s the one who got me into the kitchen and during my adult years, he would visit us from New Zealand for 3 months at a time.  We enjoyed many nights in the kitchen cooking together, glass of wine in hand.  First thing in the morning, he would ask “What’s for dinner?”, I used to think it was crazy and now I understand.  It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and I then plan my day around.  Dinner every night together as a family is very important to me, a point each day to reconnect with everyone’s busy schedules. My kids now ask what’s for dinner during morning carpool and my heart is immediately warmed.  I cook because I love the joy it gives me to share incredible tasting food with those who matter most.  I live to eat, not eat to live. Life moves quickly and although this was not my first calling, it is definitely my next.  I have taken Culinary Arts classes at DVC, our local Community College which is top notch, so I can take the classes I’m most interested in to broaden my horizons.  I can’t wait to share my culinary journey with you…life is great and I want to continue to enjoy all the fine things it has to offer.

* ServSafe Certified

* Featured on ABC’s The Chew, Winner of the Recipe Showdown

* Culinary Volunteer at Pebble Beach Food & Wine, worked with the nations’s top chefs

* Chef Ambassador for Hestan NanoBond Cookware

* Featured multiple times by Anova Culinary for sous vide cooking techniques and recipes.

* Chosen to be a Brand Ambassador for Traeger Grills.

* Featured on GMA on a segment with Gordon Ramsay 9/18.

* 1st Place for JSL Foods Recipe Contest with Twin Dragon Wrappers for the Banh Mi Egg Roll recipe I created and submitted.

“This dish looks amazing…has everyone met AlyR? She’s a good friend of mine. An amazing up and coming Chef and Food Blogger. She digs deep and cranks out beautiful food everyday. Totally worth a follow. Check her out!” – Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence, via Twitter 3/4/18

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