Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas are the perfect weeknight meal and packed with great flavor!  Our kids love Taco Tuesday!  In fact, they rarely will let a Tuesday go by without asking for tacos.  Since tacos can get ho-hum (at least for some of us), I love to shake things up on Tuesday’s with another Mexican food idea.

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Grilled Corn Salad


Grilled Corn Salad is the perfect summertime accompaniment to any BBQ or gathering all season long.  I love this salad because it’s so easy, tasty and colorful.  It’s fresh, healthy and full of flavor!  The great thing about it is that you can make it ahead and it can be served room temp or even chilled in the fridge when you’re ready to eat.

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Going to Culinary School has always been a dream of mine.  Ultimately, I would’ve loved to have gone to the Culinary Institute in Napa, but with 3 kids still in Elementary and Middle School, that wasn’t going to work and I didn’t want to wait another 10 years until they’re off in college to go.  So, I’m taking classes at DVC, our local community college.  However, it is an ACF (American Culinary Federation) accredited program and the entire kitchen was renovated about 3 years ago, so it’s a very top notch facility.

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Tinga de Pollo Tacos

Tinga de Pollo Tacos are the answer to shake up your next Taco Tuesday.  Why just stick to ground beef when there are so many other tasty, creative options to eat in a taco?  Tinga de Pollo literally translates to shredded or torn chicken.  This is an easy weeknight meal that comes together with some help from your slow cooker…dinner is done!

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Grandad’s Salsa

My dad used to make this salsa for almost every family get together or special occasion.  Although closely adapted from one of Tyler Florence’s salsa recipes, he put a few touches of his own on it over the years.  Tyler Florence was his favorite celebrity chef to watch on Food Network.  We spent hours watching Tyler’s Ultimate together when he would visit.  He used to take the printed, folded up recipe back and for the with him to New Zealand to make for his friends there as well…and so, it became “Grandad’s Salsa”.

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SF Style Cioppino


I love to make this SF Style Cioppino recipe this time of year.  We always have family over during the holidays and this is the perfect meal that is elegant in presentation, easy to prepare, light, healthy and oh’ so delicious!

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Cornish Game Hens & Wild Rice Stuffing


Hands down, Cornish Game Hens & Wild Rice Stuffing is one of my favorite fall meals!  This recipe is pretty easy but makes for a beautiful presentation and it’s a break from the norm.  I usually cut them in half to serve, no one can usually get through a whole one on their own.  Adding the dried cranberries and apricots enhances the wild rice with a little pop of fall colors.  And the slivered almonds adds a crunch with every bite.  Impress your family and friends with this delicious dish!

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Cranberry Orange Sauce



I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week!  Being a super foodie (is that a thing?), it is absolutely my favorite holiday.  Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is great too, but as far as cooking and eating goes, Thanksgiving wins hands down.  Now, to all of you out there who buy canned cranberries…you know who you are.  Technically, this is actually only a 3 ingredient side, but I elevated it with orange peel, zest and a cinnamon stick.  The half cup of sugar keeps it a little tangy.  It’s the way I like it and let’s face it, my family eats what I like and the way I like it.  Sorry kids, you may never know what mayo out of a jar tastes like, I just can’t do it.  If you want it a little sweeter, feel free to adjust to 3/4 or a full cup of sugar.  The beauty of great cranberry sauce is that it’s even better the next day.  Therefore, it’s perfect for leftovers or on a turkey sandwich with toasted sourdough, yum!

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Chicken Lettuce Wraps are the perfect answer to a healthy lunch or light dinner.  I must admit, fall hit and I went into full blown comfort food recipes.  So, in order to tip the scales (bad pun?), I wanted to share this tasty recipe with you.

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Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Onions


OK, attention everyone out there desperate for easy weeknight meals to prepare for your family with crazy schedules.  Look no further…this recipe for Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Onions is it!  Perfect fall meal…tasty, healthy and on the table in 30-ish minutes.  Grab a glass of Pinot, let’s do this!

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